Pre-ordering items

I’d like to thank everyone for their support and tremendous demand to date for our freeze dried products. We are continuing to listen for suggestions and try new products.

Due to restrictions in the Texas Cottage Food Law we cannot sell other than direct to the consumer. This means we cannot ship items or sell across state lines. Transactions have to be made in person.  For that reason we will not be incorporating an online shopping cart for the time being.

We will accept pre-orders for products for pick-up at the next venue we will be at such as the Wolfforth Farmer’s market. You can place pre-orders by picking up one of our pre-order forms at the venue or by simply dropping us an email or through the contact form with the products you would like and the quantity. Due to the limited production capacity we are limiting quantities to 4 products types per person. i.e. 4 apple, 4 pineapple, etc.

If demand continues to increase we will be adding additional freeze-drying capacity. We will also be taking a week off now and then to catch up on inventory and try new things.

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