About Litton Farms

Litton Farms is run by a third generation farming family located in Lubbock, Texas. We produce a variety of locally produced snacks, soaps, smoked spices and garden products.

These Include:

Freeze Dried Snacks – Produced under the Texas Cottage Food Law, these freeze dried fruits and vegetables are meant to be eaten dried. The freeze drying process retains the nutritional content lengthens the shelf life and and generally intensifies the flavor of products and provides a superior product to conventionally heat dried foods.  All products are dried and processed locally, packaged in aluminized Mylar bags which are heat seals and reclosable. All bags contain desiccant for long shelf life after opening.

Soaps – Locally produced, these are pure soaps as defined by the FDA which contain no dyes or fragrances. We offer several varieties ranging from castile soap made from 100% olive oil, a vegan friendly all vegetable oil soap which mild lathering and an old fashioned lard soap with a touch of lanolin for a squeaky clean feeling.

Smoked Spices – These spices contain no additives, preservatives or anti-caking agents. They are cold smoked using hardwood pellets for up to 8 hours to add a smokiness to foods when grilling or smoking just isn’t an option.

Gardening Items – Locally produced items currently limited to several sizes of heavy fabric air pots for growing herbs and vegetables indoors our outdoors.

We will be selling at the Wolfforth, TX Farmers Market most Saturdays from 10AM-2PM. Check our events page to see where we will be selling next or for other locations.